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Have you ever wished your pet could talk and tell you what they need? Trying to understand your furry or feathery best friend when you don’t speak their language is exhausting. You could end up… ⭐ Wasting hours on Google falling down all sorts of crazy rabbit holes ⭐ Spending a fortune on special treats food and gadgets hoping they work ⭐ Feeling completely confused and overwhelmed by all the mixed messages Or you could drop into Pet Deli!
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Hi I'm Fiona, proud owner of Pet Deli. At Pet Deli, my team and I are passionate and experienced pet owners who are dedicated to understanding animals and supporting pet pawrents like you.

Holistic health for pets
Natural and nutritionally rich food and treats
No nasty preservatives or fillers
Hundreds of happy customers
Exclusive stockists of Raw Meow
Exclusive stockists of STAN Pet Beds

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At Pet Deli, we're more than just a pet food store. We deeply understand the bond between pet parents and their companions. As you step into our space, you're welcomed into the Pet Deli family. We listen, tailor solutions for your pet's well-being, and create a plan that aligns with their unique needs. We're also super passionate about building a community with our clients, their pets and our collaborators. Through events and collaborations, we celebrate our shared love for pets. Join us in a journey where every pet thrives and every owner feels truly supported.

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